Brady Oh x Dig On Me EP


When it comes to New York and music, it is easy to get a conversation started on either topic with Brady Oh. I had the opportunity to chat with about about his New York roots, musical influences, and the band’s latest Dig On Me EP release a few days before the New Year. Bandmates include keyboardist Adam Ahuja, guitarist Sam Peach, drummer Andrew Nesbitt, Zach Rubinfeld on bass, and Alex Britten on bass, guitars, and bg vox.

Raised in upstate New York, Brady was influenced by many of his parent’s favorites. Hearing everything from Tom Petty to Merle Haggard, those early listening sessions quickly evolved into the natural stages of young listening, followed by punk-rock phase (Warped Tour, anyone?) and funk. Dig On Me definitely showcases evidence of that exploration, which I think resonates with many music lovers who have dabbled in many genres.

Get to know a bit more about Brady Oh & show ’em some love on Soundcloud & Instagram. Below, you can also check out some behind the scenes footage of their new video, filmed in Greenpoint.


TD: I caught the end of your last show at PIANOS. Did you guys have a blast?

BO: We only played for like a half hour – we did it purposefully. Short and sweet. Leave them wanting more. We did five original tracks and two covers.  We did all three tracks from the EP, and  a b-side that didn’t really fit the EP in style. The others have more of a funk, indie-alt, thing going on. We figured we would save that track for another time.

TD: That’s great. The show was super packed! 

BO: It’s interesting. It’s one of the last bars or venues in the LES, I think, that still has built-in audience. People can go there to hang out and not necessarily know the band. They might know the band or be there to see a band or anything, but they’ll check them out because they’re there and open to it. There’s other venues around there that might not have that, like Arlene’s Grocery, where it’s more of a destination.

TD:  Any upcoming shows in the works?

BO: Yeah, when Spring comes around (if it ever does), we are hoping to do another big Brady Oh show.

TD: So, you recently shot a video for “Look At You Now” in Brooklyn. How was that overall experience?

BO: Yeah, we shot that over at Jewel Studios in Greenpoint. In two days. It was directed by Anthony Mastanduno. CAKE Pictures & M Star Productions, respectively. We did that all in one take. It’s a one take video. So the first day we spent building sets, getting the studio ready to go, prepping choreography. I think we did 15 takes and settling on the 12th as the final one. It was a very tiring weekend. Everyone had a great time. It was definitely the first, big video shoot I’ve ever been on.

TD: You grew up in New York. How did you get into music & who were some big influences?

BO: Yeah, growing up I was influenced from the country side by my grandfather who listened to nothing but country music in his truck. I heard some of the older, classic stuff like Waylon, Johnny Cash, and Willie Nelson. My dad definitely brought the rock in. He’s a big Bob Dylan and Tom Petty fan. I’m a big Grant Parsons fan. In high school, I got into punk. I was a skateboarder for a little while. Played in a punk band for a bit. Between the country and the punk and the classic rock, somewhere along the line, I started to appreciate funk, dance, and R&B as well. I think that really shows up in the EP. Especially in the single. I think the three tracks are definitely a representation of the types of music I like and hopefully it comes across in the recordings.

TD: How was recording & the overall collaboration process?

BO: It was a blast recording these songs. We had some session musicians come in. We recorded most of the EP over the late Winter and Spring of 2015. Mixed and mastered over the summer. It was a lot of fun. We worked with my friend and producer, Alex Britten, up at Analog Muse studios.


You can read more about Brady Oh & Dig On Me here. Stay tuned for more show dates in the months to come!