Free To Wander


Dead Horse Bay may be one of the weirdest places one could ever venture to in New York. Having grown up in Texas, I am not a stranger to dirty beaches, but this is a certain kind of abandoned place that has an eerie beauty and lonely oddness that is all its own. The area has a disturbing history, yet it maintains a solitude that feels void of its past. Scattered with old bottles and broken glass, it has gathered a presence that is hauntingly beautiful.


We stumbled upon it almost by accident – wandering like idiots in search of water. It was one of the hottest early days of summer. Thinking back, it felt like the days where you crave the beach and the deathly heat waves have barely settled in.




Free To Wander explores the idea that we are all free to find pieces of ourselves that we may have lost, or seek to discover. Even if it is somewhat by accident. Much like the broken bits scattered in the sand, the adventures of the summertime often evolve into the opportunity to be found, picked up, and put back together again. Free To Wander also explores the idea of the human spirit and solitude. Often, we forget to take time to be alone, feel our memories, and let go of dead weight. As the true dog days of summer are now upon us, it’s a call to cast our troubles to sea, and get ready for a positive transformation.