Get To Know: Evawolf


Evawolf is a new fave, hailing from wonderful London. Comprised of Joey, James, and Natalie, the trio teamed up in 2015 to make music that combines rock, blues, and folk influences. I definitely get some subtle punk as well. I’m reminded of some of my indie-rock, punk favorites when I listen to their latest track.

They officially released “When The Truth Is Out” and if you haven’t had a chance to hear it, you can listen below.

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TD: Tell me about how you guys met?

E: James and I met when we were 10 years old in a carpark in East London. He was flirting with some girls and telling them he had a 6 pack, which I severely doubted. Regardless, We started our first band together four years later, and have played in bands together ever since.
Natalie is from Washington, and came to London to seek a new life and a new start. Unfortunately she found us instead, and we have been playing together for a year now.

TD: How did you settle on your sound?

E: Our sound fell into place pretty organically as it happens. I had been experimenting with a variety of bluesy guitar sounds, and wanted to achieve a big, full sound with minimal instrumentation. Natalie brings a lot of harmony to the mix, and brings out the folky, country elements we love, and James backs all of this with big beats and percussion.


TD: “When The Truth Is Out” was officially released a few weeks ago. Care to share a bit more about that track?

E: When The Truth Is Out is all about escapism: it’s about getting away from the busy streets of the city, and pursuing a simpler life accompanied by the one you love. Whilst in life this sentiment isn’t always achievable, it’s about the yearning we get sometimes to just drop everything and go and live on a desert island somewhere.


TD: What do you guys have planned for the next few weeks/months?

E: We are planning to play lots of shows and record some more, and do some festivals come summertime. We are also looking to come stateside to play some shows soon too.


TD: Favourite artists you’re listening to right now? Top 3/4/5?

E: Recently we have been listening to a lot of Father John Misty, Ryan Adams, and Justin Bieber (what has happened to the world?!). We are also really enjoying Rhodes and his new album.

TD: Anything else you want to highlight or share?

E: It’s all about double denim, and shots of tequila without the tourist shit.


Um, heard that. Follow Evawolf & stay tuned for more from them in the weeks & months to come.