Get To Know: Lucia Scansetti

T&D: You’re from Madrid. How would you describe the music scene in the city?

Lucia: I think there is a new wave of young talent coming. I’ve been making music for the past five years now and I have never seen so many amazing artists as the ones I’ve seen these last few years. They are braver than the ones who came before them, they aren’t scared to be judged because they don’t expect any success. The ones who make it, are the ones who just do their own thing.

T&D: “Basal Flame” is your new track. Can you share a bit on the story for the track in particular? 

Lucia: I think this is one of the most sincere songs I have ever written. It comes from the moment when you realise you’re trapped in a place where you waste all your energy knowing you won’t get anything in return, but you keep waiting in the line. It’s almost like praying to a God that will never listen to you.

T&D: love this quote from your bio, “Cuando parece quevoy a sentir algo, hago una canción y se me pasa.” How would you best translate that? And what does it mean to you?

Lucia: “When I think I’m about to feel something, I write about it and it fades away”. I don’t really know if this is a healthy process, but I’ve felt that writing a song out of a painful or intense feeling makes it vanish faster. You can successfully turn anything that makes you feel uncomfortable into a song that everyone can later enjoy and relate to.

T&D:Can you speak a bit about how you originally got into music & songwriting? And how it ties back into the above saying in particular?

I started playing the piano at the age of 7, but it wasn’t until I was 18 that I felt the need to tell my own stories. I recorded my first EP “Dimensions of Dialogue”, with seven of all the songs I had written until then. I gathered all the money I needed with a crowdfunding campaign and created a solid bond with all of the people involved, I feel really close to them. We have been touring all over Spain and some other cities in Europe, also supporting amazing artists (such as Rodriguez, Lucy Rose, David Fonseca…), and the response has always been great and it has encouraged me to keep going. I wasn’t expecting that anyone would get to listen to my songs outside my room, but it has been a great unexpected journey.

T&D:Who are some songwriters or performers that have inspired you over time?

Lucia: The music I make doesn’t sound much like the music I have been listening to over the years, I guess it all started with Suzanne Vega and then began to get more complicated as I learnt to see further than just the melody and lyrics of a song. I love the sound of James Blake, Alt-J, Woodkid, Lykke Li.

T&D: What’s up next for you?

Lucia: It’s been two years of hard work touring with Dimensions of Dialogue, now I want to take a break and start working on my music away from the stage. I’m finishing the demos of the tracks I want to record for my upcoming album, I think we are all going to enjoy the process of growth that comes along with them. I’m looking forward to getting back on tour with my new material.

Watch the new video for “Basal Flame” below and listen to Dimensions of Dialogue in full now on Spotify.