Gresham On Storytelling x Survive On Love


Once a contestant on Australia’s X Factor, the talented Matt Gresham has harnessed is talent and voice, seen and hear in his new new “Survive on Love” video. Many of you may have seen his powerful video for “Small Voices,” another favorite which you can watch below. He shared a few thoughts on the time since being on X Factor, the new song visuals, his love for storytelling, and what’s in store for him next. Check it out and stay tuned for more to come.

T&D: This video is so well shot. I love it. What was the inspiration behind it? How would you describe the response thus far?

MG: The response to the video has been incredible. It’s currently being well received which is a blessing, and I think people can relate to the simple and powerful message the song delivers. I’m currently based in Berlin, and this city is full of interesting people and urban settings, so we wanted to capture those through the images we used. Berlin has a lot of political history which we wanted to make very prevalent in the clip also.

T&D: Love your music. How did you find your sound especially after the journey of being on X Factor?

MG: Thank you. I think my constant travel has actually had a big impact on my sound… I write a lot of music at airports because the energy is naturally so raw and emotional. I also work with a lot of amazing songwriters, the main one being Jaymes Young from L.A.

The show really helped me develop confidence and a strong work ethic but, in the end, it just wasn’t the direction I wanted to go.

T&D: How would you describe your sound as an artist in 3 words?

MG: Acoustic Electro Storytelling.

T&D: Who are you inspired by?

MG: I’m in love with Ben Harper’s music and always have been. His songs speak straight to my heart, he is a rare talent. I also grew up listening to Hip-Hop artists/producers such as D.J. Premier and Talib Kwelli.

T&D: Goals for the coming weeks? Months?

MG: I’m looking more at the beginning of next year. Really only just put “Survive on Love” out into the world and I’m enjoying watching it spread like wildfire. It seems to really be connecting with people across the globe which is exciting.