Jesse R. Berlin Talks Beer, Bushwick + Glitter Lung LP

Jesse R Berlin 2 high

Hailing from Tejas, the talented (and witty) Jesse R. Berlin gave us some background on his new LP, Glitter Lung. If you’re in need of some new jams, check this dude out. Also, he’s playing a show out in Bushwick at Standard Toykraft on September 11th & if you’re on the hunt for a show that will be “triumphant as fuck,” you better get yourself there. Also, apparently, I will be hosting an after party.

Glitter Lung will be released this Friday, the 14th, so I expect you all to be decent humans and add it to your musical collection.

So, you’re from Texas. How would you describe Texas in three words?

J: I left it.

Do you have a “Texas” hangout in the city?

J: I am generally pretty anti-nostalgia. Any time I feel a bout of it coming on, I take in an exhibit at the Met or a movie at Film Forum to remind myself that my present surroundings have plenty to offer.

What’s your favorite beer?

J: Beer is for rednecks and frat boys. I drink an Old Fashioned, or a nice Scotch on the rocks. Rum Punch if I’m really feeling déclassé.

Your new single “Tallulah” was just released. What’s the story on the track?

J: It’s the only song on this record that I wrote on my primary instrument, the guitar. In the grand tradition of “Martha My Dear” and “Bron-Y-Aur Stomp,” it is about a dog. I am especially proud of the Talk Box solo.

Glitter Lung will be released on August 14. Care to share some background on the work?

J: Glitter Lung was the product of about two years’ worth of recording by myself, at home, mostly in the middle of the night. A lot of the instrumentation came from free or cheap iPhone apps, which I firmly believe are the most representative instrument of these times, just as the electric guitar was in the 60s, or sampling was in the late 80s and early 90s. They are the true sounds of our modern loneliness and isolation, highly sophisticated and yet still totally rinky-dink, somehow hi-fi and lo-fi at the same time.

I then finished up the record with my dear friend Jeff Berner, who plays guitar in the legendary band Psychic TV and is a truly phenomenal engineer. I can’t overstate Jeff’s contribution to the work, really – his ears and instincts made the whole thing sound so much deeper. He makes really phenomenal hot sauce, as well.

“Glitter Lung” is a made-up disease that both burlesque performers and elementary school teachers joke about getting, wherein you inhale so much glitter over the course of your job that it slices up your lungs from the inside and ultimately kills you. I found it relatable in a way that I don’t care to explain, but it should be pretty obvious if you think about it.


You’re playing a show on September 11th in Bushwick. What kind of vibe are you expecting?

J: That show is going to be triumphant as fuck. I’ve got a lot of really exciting things planned. It’ll be the single best night of your life.

What should everyone wear?

J: A wallet.

Where’s the after party?

J: At your place, where you’ll take the record you’ve just purchased from me out of its sleeve and put it on your turntable for the first of what will be thousands upon thousands of spins. The first notes will ring out and a tear will come to your eye. “I’ve never heard anything so perfect in all of my life,” you’ll say to yourself.

Me? I’ll be in my bed, with a beautiful woman by my side, drinking an Old Fashioned and re-watching “Bojack Horseman.”