Kevin Pearce Talks Heartbeat Mind, New Album

Over the course of the last year, Kevin Pearce has been touring and collecting content for his forthcoming album, So On. “Heartbreak Mind” is the first taste, featuring Dean Honer of the Moonlandingz. Residing in Essex, Pearce brings a cool, honest craft to his songwriting that is infectious and hard to resist. This first single is set for an official release on March 10, followed by the release of the album via Dharma Records.

Kevin shared some background on the track, album, as well as some of his ongoing inspiration. Be sure to follow up & stay in touch for all the latest updates. For all of you Londonites, catch him live on April 6 at Paper Dress Vintage.

T&D: “Heartbeat Mind” is set to for official release on March 10th. Care to share some background on the new record?

KP: “Heartbeat Mind” is the story of breaking the cycle of being tricked, be that by oneself or by politics, and how love can do that for us. It’s all told over an evolving bedrock of beats, vocals, synths and piano, building to a noisy but melodic pay off.

T&D: You’ve also got an album in the works. How would you describe So On?
KP: The album is a concoction of moods and themes, from cerebral, spacey vibes to dark beat-laden tracks, through to some uplifting and positive songs. Subject matters vary from the housing crisis in the UK to mental health, and from the universe, to love.

T&D: I read a bit about some of your influences & love of vinyl. How often do you come across records that really change your thought process?
KP: The reason I got into music was mainly due to how much certain records would completely blow me away and change my life. I am always looking out for music and art, old and new, which makes me question how I approach my music and myself.

T&D: Do you have any recent tracks or albums that you’ve been really into? Care to share any in particular?

David Bowie – “Blackstar”
Burial – “Come Down To Us”
Scott Walker – “Old Mans Back Again”
Kate Tempest – “Ketamine For Breakfast”
Crass – “Punk Is Dead”
Arvo Part – “De Profundis”
Michael Kiwanuka – “Cold Little Heart”
Nick Cave – “Skeleton Key”

T&D: After these new releases, what else is in store for you? Any shows on the schedule?

KP: There are a few special, selected shows I am doing around spring, namely April 6th at Paper Dress Vintage in London. There will be some summer shows and a full UK tour later on in the year.