London’s RINNGS Shares Video for “Oceans”

London alt-pop duo RINNGS shares a new video for “Oceans” with a nice DIY vibe. Embrace the artsy, urban angst feels and emotional turmoil that is life. I dig it.

RINNGS is comprised of Karl Zine and Nai Jannson who released “Oceans” via Wow & Flutter Records. When discussing the thought process on the track, they noted that they were inspired by male and female duos sharing, “For this track we decided to do a song featuring both of us on vocals. We were listening to a few great duets like Peter Gabriel/Kate Bush, Drake/Rihanna and wanted to do a kind of anti-love song about two people who wanted to be together but couldn’t, and trying to get over each other – the main lyric ‘You’ve got me trying to dry the Ocean’ seemed like a good way to sum that up. As with all our tunes, when it came to production we created everything from just vocals and percussion, layering and looping ourselves to make backings that sound unique because of the way they were made. For this single we also played around more with the idea of turning vocals into synth-type sounds that we could use as keyboard parts.”

For more from RINNGS, follow them on the ‘gram at @rinngsmusic.