Meet FELIN: Your Favorite New Swedes


Fredrik Etoall and Elin Blom make up talented Swedish duo, FELIN.

This past year, FELIN worked with Sony Music and JC Jeans Company where their song was debuted in a national denim ad. In the recent weeks, FELIN shared a video for “Gossip” along with “Bored,” a track that falls somewhere in between the Ting Tings and Dragonette.

Produced by Jenny and Cecilia Vaz, “Gossip” is all about the “young, restless souls out there, consumed by the consumer society.”

Get a dose of FELIN and read up on some of their inspiration. You can get their EP on iTunes now, out via Sony Music. Stay tuned for more & show them some love on their socials.

T&D: If you had to pick, who or what would you say inspired your sound?

Elin: Since I was a kid I’ve always loved Blondie and that whole era and feeling with the CBGB’s and everything. On stage there’s nothing better than feeling the drumbeat in your chest, the distorted guitars and just screaming out.

But at the same time I’ve always loved a good pop melody, so in FELIN I want to mix up those two. I still want the crowd to be able to sing along to the songs, but I love that raw sound. The sound of FELIN has evolved over time, simultaneously with the visual side of it, and I think one day we just felt it all clicked when I came home from the studio and had written “Destruction Therapy”. We both felt like; this is it!

T&D: Elin and Fredrik, care to share a bit on your creative and/or musical backgrounds? 

Elin: I’ve been singing for as long as I can remember. I started playing piano around 8 and shortly after that I started my first band and the little 13 year old me called up clubs in Russia and stuff booking gigs there haha. I’ve always known that I have to do music; I can’t see myself doing anything else and I’ve always loved being on stage and that is where I want to be all the time. But before FELIN was created I wrote a lot for other artists and was working on different projects, like writing for Adam Lambert for example. I’m also a DJ on the side and still produce for other projects.

Fredrik:I’ve always had a passion for doing creative stuff. I was in a band called “Poor Kids” when I was 12 but the whole gang was tone-deaf so I realized working with the visual side and the image around bands was a much better idea for me haha.

My vision is to have creative freedom in the things I do. And even if I don’t do music myself I’ve always worked closely with musical creators. I’ve been working and am still working on both artistic and commercial projects. I’ve shot people like Slash, Miley Cyrus, Snoop Dogg, and worked closely with the duo Icona Pop both doing videos and stills. The latest commercial campaign I did was for a new car brand, Lynk & co, where I was part of developing the aesthetics around the brand.

T&D: Your music definitely has an edge of rebellion. What’s the creation process like for you?

Elin: I think the beauty lies in the imperfect. It’s not about the tools, it’s about the idea and the results. I always like to get ideas down fast once you’re really feeling it. Like in Bored we used this crappy out of tune guitar for the intro just because that was what we had at the moment, and that made the complete sound. Of course sometimes both visually and musically we do bigger productions, and I love that as well, but you don’t always need a big production to make something great.

T&D: FELIN seems to think a little rebellion is healthy every now and then. Would you say that is true? 

Elin: I’ve always had trouble fitting in and adjusting to what other people think I should do, I think both Fredrik and me have. Tell us one thing and we do something else. The whole concept of FELIN is to break out of this box that other people built. I admire people who stand for something and aren’t afraid to speak their mind.

T&D: How would you compare the current Swedish music scene to the US music scene? 

Elin: Well the Swedes are everywhere – in the US music scene as well. At least if you look to pop music, there are so many songs on the Hot 100 that are written by Swedes, but most of the Swedes are working in Los Angeles.

I think Sweden is always fast at picking up new sounds and trends but the live scene and the space for different music genres is very limited in Sweden. In the US there’s room for more styles because the country is bigger, it works to have rock clubs, country clubs etc. In Sweden we don’t have that kind of live scene, we have our festivals in the summer and a few clubs around the country.

But when it comes to writing, musical Sweden is a really strong force.

T&D: That’s a great distinction.

T&D: What are your thoughts on the music industry right now at this point in time? Especially for new acts?

FELIN: The music industry is constantly changing and it has gotten both easier and harder for new upcoming acts. It’s not just about the music in this age where social media plays such a big part. This is one of the reasons the idea of FELIN came up, we wanted to do something more, 2 artists that create art in 2 different ways but under the same roof.

T&D: When you’re not making music, what would one find both of you doing? 

Well what do you think this horny couple does…

T&D: What do you both have on the calendar for 2017?

Elin: We’re always creating so we already have new ideas for the next video that we plan to release early next year. And I’m in the studio working on new stuff. So the plan for next year is to be out playing shows and keeping on releasing new material so FELIN can keep evolving and take on bigger and bigger stages.

T&D: A fun fact about each of you that you’d like to share with our readers?

Elin: I’m obsessed with history, like I love reading history books and going to museums. Last time when I was in Berlin we hade been out partying ‘til like 10am and at 1pm I was up dragging my friends to see a museum about the Berlin wall haha. Still drunk I wandered around reading bout history while my friend slept in a chair at the museum.

Fredrik: I’m really good at table tennis. When I was a kid I practiced everyday and had a ping pong robot at home to practice with.

T&D: Roll out of bed & get dressed outfit. Go.

Elin: Black jeans, black turtle neck sweater, black leather jacket and black shades.

Fredrik: Same as my sexy lady. The most black clothes I can find that day. And hairspray is also important.

T&D: If you had to eat the same meal everyday for 100 days – what would you eat? 

Elin: Sushi, I already eat that almost everyday for lunch.

Fredrik: Oatmeal with strawberries

T&D: Choice coffee drink?

Elin: I don’t drink coffee, only hot shots.

Fredrik: Kickstart my heart coffee. Black.