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Noah Gundersen’s New Album Is Bliss

Noah Gundersen shares his highly anticipated album White Noise today. If you’re like me, listening to an entire album can feel tough. However, White Noise is one of the albums in recent weeks where I had no trouble listening from start to finish. I may label myself as 100% ADD, but I think the distraction overload in our lives is relevant to this album in so many ways.

From “After All” to “The Sound” and “Send The Rain (To Everyone)” Gundersen has a tone in his voice that is both familiar and feels new. He has the singer-songwriter vibes that welcome you in, along with a mysterious, Thom York-ish air.

Lyrically, he presents topics that hint at the frustration of creating work, frustrations with publicity, and all the while feeling like part of the problem. As a listener, I feel like he hits the nail on the head explaining why we are so caught up in the bullshit.

By definition, white noise is noise containing many frequencies with equal intensities. When we feel too many things pulling at us for attention, how can we choose just one? How do we rise above the fray? Ironically, I think that everything Gundersen hits on is so true, but I think for me, he sits above the noise by zoning in and being true to himself.

Lyrics for “The Sound” really hit the nail on the head. For me, it felt so real that we as people seem to keep looking for something better, ignoring what is in front of us, and communicating like total idiots. The sonic metaphor helped tie it all together for me too, because how could it not? Any music lover who is down in the dumps will love this track because it just helps you make sense of life. Gundersen also shared a video for the track which you can watch below. Get the album here.


Hoping that you like, that you like how you’re living
Relying on the kindness of strangers that you will be forgiven
How many times, how many times will you shit on what you’re given?
How many times, how many times ’til you shut up and listen?

Nothing ever comes, ever comes if you call it
Choking like a dog, like a dog on a collar
Open up your mouth, your mouth if you want it
Listen for the sound, the sound, the sound is coming down


Do yourself a favor and listen to White Noise. You’ll dig it. Noah is also heading out on tour soon. Scope out his site to see if he will be passing through your city.

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