Noé Shares Video for “i cheated on u”

Noé shared her latest lyric video for “i cheated on u,” taken from her debut EP, ibynoe. If you’re not familiar with her work, she’s one to know. The French born, LA based artist has a particularly rad visual aesthetic, something that she continues to flex in her video work. I love this track for the lyrics and how they hit on some self love truths that I think we all need a reminder of now and then. *** Sure blame me for my bad intentions Truth is it was the best decision I’ve ever made Yeah I, put down my best hand winning the game Cause I played played played Until i came To realize That i don’t need no man I’ll go ahead treat myself I’ll go ahead love myself You said i couldn’t Said it’s forbidden Guess that’s why i i i i I cheated on you I cheated on you with myself I cheated on you I cheated on you with myself And it felt so good *** A M E N. Listen to the new EP on her Soundcloud and be sure to explore her earlier works (and videos) to get a taste of how dedicated she is to her vibe. Her video for “Color” is one of my all time faves.