Preston Pannek x LAB ART Pop Up


On December 10, artist Preston Pannek will share “Pieces of Me,” a pop-up at Dallas’ LAB ART. If you’re not familiar with the space, LAB ART is known for sharing fresh, urban work that highlights the young and evolving arts scene in Downtown Dallas. 

A Dallas native, Preston decided to pursue art professionally in 2007, after starting his career working in business. He noted that he loves everything about Dallas. “I’ve spent almost the last 10 years in Deep Ellum. It was really bad and over the last 10 years.  It’s making a come back. ”  A big music lover, Preston used to live across the street from the Lizard Lounge, incorporating his passion for dance music into his art practice. “The way I listen to music is on one continuous loop,” in reference to using artists like Calvin Harris or Steve Aoki for his painting inspiration and process. Preston has been known to hide away for long periods of time and use music to help create a meditative trance for working.

Inspired by visual artists like Pollock, Preston did mention that he tries not to pay attention to many “greats” and prefers to focus on the artwork in front of him to maintain his own personal style.

Most importantly, he said his biggest lesson was that there is never a right or wrong when approaching an artistic style. “There are no rules to art. There is no way that they can tell you you’re doing it a right way or wrong way. I had a lot of teachers tell me that. You can’t express yourself incorrectly.”

Don’t miss the opportunity to see 58 of Preston’s new works this Thursday night at LAB ART.




For more information on Preston, visit his portfolio. Photos courtesy of the artist.