When I looked over the SXSW lineup this year, I did it with the same attitude I do most years – with excited fear. SXSW has become a huge shitshow, and its impossible to see all the acts you want to. With that said, it is a perfect opportunity to scope our your faves and make them your priority. This year, Lizzo was my #1 person to see, even though her show started at 12:30 am. TWELVE THIRTY.

Regardless, with a little disco nap, it was well worth it. Her energy is completely magnetic and I left feeling so empowered. Thank you, Lizzo for being who you are and for reminding a gal like me to wake the f**k up and own it.

If you haven’t seen Lizzo live, she is definitely someone to see. Catch her tour if you can.

Also, thank you for releasing a song with Missy Elliott a couple days after because my Lizzo high has been able to continue for a nice, long time.