Toni Martin x EUPHORIA

Toni Martin head shot by Jason Sanders

Artist Toni Martin will debut her first solo show at Dallas’ Random Art Gallery on July 25th, sharing a collection of pieces that perfectly highlights human emotion in visual form.  The exhibit, appropriately titled EUPHORIA, features dreamy abstracts, representative of her own self reflection, and the comfort that we can all look to find in creative exercises. Focusing on music,  individualism, and empowerment, Toni notes that the artistic process is key to keeping creativity therapeutic and fluid.

Get to know Toni in a  Q&A, and see a few examples of her work below. Don’t miss her debut on the 25th, and make sure you RSVP on Facebook!

How do you think you have developed and embraced your own style?

I definitely think that this is work that has built up to this moment, but also it has been a new discovery of this style. I’ve been working with some of these mediums for six or seven years. However, I definitely feel like I’ve developed more of a concrete style of my own that I’m looking forward to sharing.


I love that some of the proceeds of this work are going to Alley’s House. Is there a backstory to that partnership?

Because it is a debut show, I have the opportunity to do what I want to do. When the opportunity finally came up, I told them I wanted to benefit Alley’s House. About five or six years ago, that is who I donated most of my pieces too. When I was first starting out (and still had a corporate job), Alley’s House was one of the organizations who supported me and who I supported. It’s amazing to see that empowerment; women banding together, and to see the strength they have.

Can you touch on why you like painting to music?

Yeah, I am really all about finding a meditative state within the music. People live through their music, and it’s really a part of the creative process in my own world. For example, when I hear tranquil sounds, I see fluid shapes, and I love music that gets me into a trance. Focus makes fluidity. What I hear and then see comes together in a balancing way to create one of my pieces. When I’m working, you’ll see me bobbing my head, doing a little dance and it looks like I’m completely involved in a way that you can’t reach me. It helps me balance with the mediums I’m working with. It’s fluid.

Who are some of your own favorite artists (past or present)?

To be honest, I’ve never really looked to other people’s artworks. I’ve never been truly inspired by someone in particular. I’m really trying to stay focused on “look what I did” and keep myself in a bubble. That way, I can see things and develop a skill, focusing on color, emotions, music, shape, or structure. I do appreciate a lot of art. I love watching ballet dancers. It’s a huge inspiration to me. I love the movement and I love to imagine designing something around them. Also, children’s art really inspires me.

This is your debut solo show. A huge accomplishment. It might be a bit early to think about it, but what are some of your goals for this upcoming few months/year?

Yeah, I absolutely have some goals. I’m working towards submitting my work to ArtPrize. Also, I eventually would like to host a show that promotes female empowerment. And as far as a long term goal, I’d love to open a gallery for children that allows them to think about creativity in an unconventional way.