Wandering: Alpha Theater in Waco, Texas

Recently, I embarked on a little project to visit old, abandoned theaters throughout Texas. I realized when I started to learn more about the spaces, very few actually get renovated. While I am not sure how many I can actually visit (Texas is real big), the process of learning about their history has been rewarding and eye-opening to say the least.

For those who know me, I am a bit of a geek for abandoned, historic structures. Abandoned buildings have a unique beauty in their emptiness and potential. The first one I popped by was Alpha Theater in Waco, Texas. It lives in East Waco, just north of Baylor University. I was lucky enough to speak to one of the neighborhood residents who worked across the street. As I drove up and he was checking his mail, the man was kind enough to tell me the story of the space and memories of seeing how beautiful it is inside. He noted that the woman who owns the space wishes to renovate it to host ballet classes.

Crossing my fingers that this one can come to life again! Of all the ones I’ve seen so far (a whopping four), this one has my heart.